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What is Actionable Philosophy?

We are always capable of improving, changing, and growing. Actionable Philosophy is a set of habits that we can create and maintain that build our character. 

Every habit evolves into a routine, until it becomes a part of who we are. When we're creating new habits, the process feels difficult and unwieldy. Just as we learn to walk by stumbling, getting up, and trying again, we build our character through experimentation, failure, learning from it, and trying new things until we get it right. 

The Purpose of Virtues

Virtues allow us to lead more fulfilling lives. A fulfilling life is one where we live by our personal core values and take actions that maximize our positive impact on the world, using our unique talents and passions. 

Becoming a better parent, spouse, sibling, friend, and striving for mastery over our work enriches our living experience. Virtues teach us what character traits lead to living the most authentic, meaningful life we can. They are the antidote for mediocrity.

Building Character

The Forged Life examines virtues that lead to a more fulfilling life: excellence, equanimity, service, perseverance, and more. Understanding the impact of these virtues have on our lives is the beginning. Learning to implement the lessons they teach is the most important step. 

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